New solution from Atinel in the field of product palletizing


What makes FlexiPall your ideal partner for palletizing products/boxes?

  • MOBILITY – simple and easy movement of FlexiPall with a manual crane over the production floor depending on the needs of packaging lines
  • MODULARITY – expandable with paper feed stand for pallet boxes depending on the box nesting position of the packaging line
  • COMPACT DESIGNFlexiPall takes up space the size of a standard EU pallet
  • EASY TO USE – accelerated training of new operators thanks to a user-friendly application (approx. 15 minutes – ten times faster than on the competitor’s systems)
  • COLLABORATIVE – enables the simultaneous smooth and safe operation of the operator and FlexiPall on the production floor (no need to build an additional cage around the robot)
  • GRIPER DESIGN – regarding the palletizing product, the gripper can be specially designed, adjusted, or tailor-made depending on the customer’s specifications
  • CAPACITY – palletizing speed up to 7 boxes/products per minute, a maximum weight of the box/product is 8 kg (capacity increase is possible with a larger model of a collaborative robot)
  • SATISFACTION AND HEALTH OF THE EMPLOYEESFlexiPall performs monotonous, repetitive, and promotes workers health (employees satisfaction increases in such jobs, while also promoting their health)
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT – remote assistance is at disposal during commissioning and initial operation on the customer site

Development and design of the flexible palletizing system were done entirely by the engineering department of company Atinel, while the system control application was developed in collaboration with the end customer, according to his needs.

How can FlexiPall help your business? For any additional information about FlexiPall, you can contact us by e-mail at .

projects funded by EU funds

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Competitiveness strenghtening of the company ATINEL d.o.o.


The purpose of the project is to increase the company’s competitiveness through the establishment of electro-design, simulation and virtual start-up departments using new technologies and tools. This reduces field work, improves working conditions and motivates employees. The target group of the project are the present and future employees of the company. The needs of the target group are safe and adequate income, work in their profession, opportunities for further training and upgrading of existing knowledge. End users are Atinel’s service providers, technical college students (FOI, FER, FSB) with whom Atinel develops co-operation through educational projects and wider community through the benefit of business operations. In addition, ATINEL serves as an example of good practice for other entrepreneurs.


Project activities include the procurement of equipment and special software tools for electro-design, simulation of robotic stations with virtual start-up, training of employees to work with new tools, arrangement of business premises of the new business unit and promotion of the project through elements of promotion and visibility.

The implementation of the project contributes to the sustainable development and strengthening of the company’s competitiveness and thus the preservation of jobs. The project will, through increased company competitiveness, directly affect the increase in business volume and hence the recruitment of highly educated employees.

Increasing company competitiveness enhances competence, company capacity, and revenue. This directly contributes to the strengthening of small and medium entrepreneurship and economic and social performance in the Republic of Croatia.


Total project value: 707.100,00 HRK

Total amount of eligible costs: 707.100,00 HRK

The amount of EU co-financing: 300.000,00 HRK

Own resources: 407.100,00 HRK

Project Implementation Period: 07.11.2016. – 07. 01. 2018.


Krešimir Androlić, direktor

tel: 00 385 42 641 143


Structural Funds –

Competitiveness and Cohesion Operational Program 2014-2020 –

increase of business volume


  • we build new business building with a production
  • we have to provide additional business capacity and the unification of all services and businesses in one place
  • the design and the main project have been drafted and a building permit has been issued
  • planned start of construction is at the beginning of 2018.

ATINEL d.o.o. - Siemens - Elektro Mechanical Engineering School Varaždin


  • On the 10.06.2017. for the first time, the competition for PLC programming was organized by ATINEL d.o.o. and Siemens, and Electro Mechanical Eegineering School Varaždin.
  • The competition was held in the Electro Mechanical Eegineering School Varaždin.
  • Each competitor was provided with a workplace with the necessary hardware and software.
  • The workplace consisted of a portable computer with installed TIA software (TIA Portal STEP7 Basic) for programming the Basic PLCs (SIMATIC S7-1200 CPU 1214C DC/DC/DC) and touch screens (HMIs, WinCC Basic) and  panels with mounted and wired CPU, power and other input / output elements and the required tools.
  • The competition was supervised by an experienced engineers. They  were available all the time for questions and help about the task. The best competitors received valuable awards.
  • Read more about the competition at at the address: